Burbank Blvd Bridge – Photo Gallery, Feb. 2021

Construction Photo Gallery – February 2021

These pictures show crews constructing the I-5 (Interstate 5) widening project which is adding carpool (High Occupancy Vehicle, or HOV) lanes in both directions on I-5, along with a new Burbank Boulevard Bridge and interchange in the city of Burbank, new I-5 pavement, new ramps and other improvements. These images show crews at work and the progress of the project during February 2021 near Burbank Boulevard.

Bridge columns

Above:  The bridge columns have been constructed in the median of the new I-5 alignment. Crews will construct pavement for northbound lanes in the dirt area near the columns. The newly constructed southbound I-5 pavement is on the far side of the columns, next to the wall in the background, which is the end wall (abutment) at the western end of the new I-5 Burbank Boulevard Bridge.


Tanker truck controls dust

Above:  A tanker truck sprays water to control dust in the construction area where crews will construct the Northbound I-5 Burbank Boulevard off-ramp and new pavement for Northbound I-5 lanes.


Truck hauling dirt

Above:  Crews are moving stockpiled dirt to build the Northbound I-5 off-ramp and on-ramp at Burbank Boulevard.

A construction zone

Above:  An overview of activity in the construction zone along the northbound side of I-5 at Burbank Boulevard.


On-ramp during construction

Above:  The view looking south from atop the new Southbound I-5 Burbank Boulevard on-ramp, which has been graded and is ready to receive pavement. At far left is the construction zone seen in the previous photo.


Crews clearing a construction site.

Above:  Crews are grubbing (removing vegetation) and clearing an area where part of the Northbound I-5 Burbank Boulevard on-ramp will be located.


A stack of large steel beams

Above:  These large steel beams stored near I-5 soon will become part of a temporary framework structure (called falsework) which will support the new I-5 Burbank Boulevard Bridge during construction of the concrete deck (the flat surface of the bridge over the freeway).


Crew moving forms for concrete

Above: A crew moves forms which are placed before concrete is poured to construct the barrier in the median of the freeway.


Worker in I-5 median

Above:  A worker in the I-5 median where crews are constructing the concrete barrier.


A stockpile of construction material

Above:  As crews widen I-5 to add carpool (HOV) lanes, the old pavement is removed, processed and recycled into the new roadway. This is a stockpile of the material north of the I-5 Burbank Boulevard Bridge and interchange.



Above:  This is some of the machinery and equipment that are used to recycle old pavement into the new roadway on I-5 in Burbank.


Bridge footing

Above: A worker on the wooden form for the concrete footing of the eastern abutment (end wall) of the new Burbank Boulevard Bridge.


Reinforcing bars

Above:  A view of the steel reinforcing rods (called rebar) placed in the footing before concrete is poured. The footing is an essential part of the foundation of the abutment (end wall).


Crew constructing pavement

Above:  This final picture actually is a souvenir of January 2021 when crews constructed pavement necessary to shift southbound lanes slightly toward the west, in the new freeway alignment at Burbank Boulevard.  Thank you for your interest in these pictures and the progress of the I-5 carpool lanes project and the new Burbank Boulevard Bridge and interchange!

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