FAQ: San Fernando Blvd Safety Enhancements


WHAT’S HAPPENING: Caltrans is introducing safety enhancements to San Fernando Boulevard in the Burbank neighborhood that includes Keeler Street, Landis Street and Rogers Place. A median will be constructed in the middle of San Fernando Boulevard between Keeler and Landis streets. A right turn pocket on San Fernando Boulevard will provide access to the neighborhood.

Why are these safety enhancements necessary? The landscaped median is a safety enhancement that will separate higher-speed freeway-bound traffic from local streets in the nearby neighborhood. This enhancement is part of the I-5 Empire Project, a series of improvements to I-5, the railroad tracks, and local streets in Burbank between Magnolia Boulevard and Buena Vista Street.

When will the work begin? Construction of the San Fernando Boulevard safety enhancements will begin in 2017. Other work in this area—including additional construction on the Empire Avenue undercrossing—will be underway in late 2016.

Will the parking garage at the Media Center Villas Apartments be accessible? Yes. A new two-way alley will be constructed on the west side of the complex that will provide access to all levels of the parking garage. The alley will be bordered by a fence on the street side.

Will I be able to access Rogers Place from the right turn pocket? Yes. The right turn pocket will allow turns onto Rogers Place, Keeler Street, and the alley leading to the apartment complex parking garage. You will also be able to travel through the intersection toward Landis Street.

Will I be able to access the I-5 on-ramp from the Keeler/San Fernando intersection? No. On-ramp access will not be available from the Keeler/San Fernando intersection. Neighborhood access to the freeway will be from Grismer Avenue to San Fernando Boulevard to the on-ramp.

What signage will be installed at the intersection? Stop signs will provide traffic control.

Will the sidewalk on San Fernando remain after the alley is constructed? Yes. A sidewalk will be constructed between the alley and San Fernando Boulevard.

What is planned for the median on San Fernando Boulevard? Low-maintenance drought-tolerant vegetation will be planted in the median. These plantings will provide an aesthetic enhancement to the streetscape and help shield the neighborhood from freeway-bound traffic.

More information: Learn more about the I-5 Empire Project at My5LA.com. Submit your email address to get helpful updates. You can also call the toll-free I-5 Info Line at (855) 454-6335 or send an email to My5LA@dot.ca.gov.

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