Florence Avenue Interchange Project – April 26 – May 3, 2019

This project is 78% complete.
Projected date of completion for the Florence Ave. Bridge: Early 2020.
Open to traffic: Early 2020. 

Also, please go to our Twitter page at twitter.com/My5LA for project updates.

There are no freeway closures scheduled for the week of April 19 through April 26. 

The contractor poured the first layer of concrete (lean concrete base or LCB) on the connector from northbound I-5 to I-605. Photos from April 23 below:


Construction of the retaining wall along northbound I-5 connector to I-605 is complete. Photos below from April 23 show decorative concrete design and worker doing finish grinding:

The contractor has demolished the old freeway lanes in the median of I-5 south of the Florence Ave. Bridge. They will now lower the roadway surface up to four feet passing under the bridge before repaving. Then construction of the second half of the Florence Ave. Bridge will begin. The contractor will set up a “crusher” conveyor that will crush all of the concrete and asphalt that has been demolished into small aggregate that will be recycled to create base for the new lanes. Photos below:

Photos of the Florence Ave. loop on ramp to the southbound I-5: 


The concrete batch plant south of Florence Ave. and west of Orr & Day Dr. has been permanently moved. 

Orr & Day Rd. south of Florence Ave., the Florence Ave. on ramp to northbound I-5, and the Florence Ave. off ramp from northbound I-5 will all remain closed until the second half of the Florence Ave. Bridge is complete. This is per request by the cities of Downey and Santa Fe Springs, to minimize traffic congestion until the three additional bridge lanes are provided to handle the increase in vehicles. Construction of the second half of the bridge is projected to begin by late summer. 


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