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Gallery – I-5 North construction, June 2020

Construction underway in June 2020

These images show construction underway in the I-5 North Corridor project area, between State Route 134 (the Ventura Freeway) and Buena Vista Street in Burbank, where crews carried out many jobs including pile driving, excavation, construction of retaining walls, construction of the drainage system in the median barrier, installation of fencing, gates and landscaping, and other types of work.

Above: Pile driving underway to construct the foundation of the western abutment (end wall) of the new I-5 bridge over Burbank Boulevard. This work is underway along the southbound side of I-5 which is visible in the background.

Above: Adjacent to, and just north of, the pile driving operation shown in the first photo, this crew is constructing a retaining wall along the southbound side of I-5.

Above: This view, looking north, shows the pile driving operation. In the foreground is an excavated area where more piles will be driven. In the background behind the pile driving operation, crews are constructing the retaining wall seen in the second photo above.

Above: On South Flower Street at I-5 in Burbank, crews construct new street-level fencing. In the background is a pedestrian bridge which was constructed as part of the I-5 project.

Above: A crew installs fencing at the I-5 bridge over the Los Angeles River. The bridge was widened to add carpool lanes in both directions on I-5.

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