I-5 NORTH Construction Advisory – SR-134 to Buena Vista Street, October 19-26, 2018

Work will occur during daytime hours unless otherwise noted.

Construction Activities

SR-134 to Magnolia Boulevard

Sonora Avenue, Alameda Avenue, Western Avenue, Providencia Avenue, and LA River Bridges: Crews are working in the I-5 median to widen the bridges.

Providencia Avenue: Crews are installing fence barriers and removing overhang brackets on the pedestrian bridge.

I-5 Median: Crews are installing drainage at night and during the day.  Crews are placing concrete pavement at night.

Magnolia Boulevard to Buena Vista Street

Northbound I-5 between Burbank Boulevard and Cohasset Street: Crews are paving.

Old Front Street/Burbank Boulevard/I-5 Southbound Future On Ramp: Crews are removing utilities.

Closures & Detours

SR-134 to Magnolia Boulevard

Alameda Avenue, Sonora Avenue and Western Avenue Lane Closures:
Intermittent daytime and nighttime street and lane closures on Alameda Avenue, Sonora Avenue and Western Avenue through 2018. Detours are posted.

Northbound and Southbound Lane Closures:

Intermittent northbound and southbound lane closures between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., at times reducing I-5 to one or two lanes in either direction.

Magnolia Boulevard to Buena Vista Street

Northbound and Southbound I-5 Lane Closures:
Intermittent nighttime northbound and southbound I-5 lane closures between Magnolia Boulevard and Hollywood Way from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Buena Vista Street Closures:
Intermittent daytime and nighttime closures of Buena Vista Street, in both directions, between San Fernando Boulevard and Winona Avenue.

On- and Off-Ramp Closures:
Intermittent on- and off-ramp closures at Buena Vista Street, San Fernando Boulevard and Burbank Boulevard from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m.  Detours will be provided.

NOTE: A 55-hour weekend closure of the northbound I-5 on-ramp at Buena Vista Street is scheduled to start at 10 p.m. Friday, October 26, 2018, and continue until 6 a.m. Monday, October 29, 2018. Detours will be provided. The schedule is subject to change.

Empire Avenue Closure:
Empire Avenue between Wilson Avenue and Victory Place will remain closed through 2018.

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