Valley View Ave. Interchange Project – May 22, 2020 – May 29, 2020

=Construction on this project is 61% complete.

Projected dates:
Completion of first half of Valley View Ave. Bridge: Opened to traffic Monday, October 7, 2019. Second southbound lane will open in first half of 2020. 
Completion of second half of Valley View Ave. Bridge: Revised to *late 2021.
Target date to open the new Valley View Ave. off ramp from southbound I-5 is *revised to July 2020 due to extensive rain delays. 
N. Firestone Blvd. reverts to two lanes in each direction east of Valley View Ave.: End of 2021. 
N. Firestone Blvd. re-opens between Knott Ave. and Trojan Way: *first half of 2020. 
I-5 Valley View Ave. Interchange projected date of completion: Revised to *end of 2021.

Scheduled to be closed to continue installation of falsework (temporary bridge frame support): 

The night of Tuesday, May 26 through the night of Thursday, May 28:
• From 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. each night, re-opening each morning. Completing at 5 a.m. Friday. May 15.  
• Southbound and northbound I-5 all lanes closed from Carmenita Road to Artesia Boulevard.

From 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. each night, re-opening each morning:
• Southbound I-605 (San Gabriel River Freeway) connector to southbound I-5 closed.
• Westbound State Route 91 (Artesia Freeway) connector ramp to northbound I-5 closed.
• S. Firestone Blvd. closed from Marquardt Ave to the on ramp to southbound I-5 closed, but access to local businesses is permitted.
• Corresponding on and off ramps within the freeway closure will also be closed.

Detour: southbound traffic will be detoured off at Carmenita Rd. and directed back on to I-5 at Artesia Blvd. Northbound traffic will be detoured off at Artesia Blvd. and directed back on to I-5 at Carmenita Rd. Closures are subject to change.

Alternate route: southbound I-605 to eastbound State Route 91 to southbound I-5. Or the reverse route for northbound traffic. Map below:


Photos of progress of construction of falsework below. Workers are also constructing the soffit (deck underside) along the falsework beams that have been placed in the last three weeks:

Photos of overnight construction of falsework below: 

Construction on the Valley View Ave. interchange project is now 61% complete. As we move forward, we will need to permanently close the existing Valley View Ave. on ramp to southbound I-5. This will allow us to construct a bridge leading to the new southbound on ramp and to complete the new S. Firestone Blvd.

As a result, the existing S. Firestone Blvd. will be closed from a point about halfway between Marquardt Ave. and the bridge, extending down to the current point of closure south of the on ramp. The closure extension will go into effect at 7 a.m., Tuesday, May 26. The new S. Firestone Blvd. will open by 5 p.m. July 10.

Electronic changeable message signs advising of the closure will be in place by Friday morning, May 15.

Traffic will not be able to access the on ramp to southbound I-5 from Marquardt Ave. However, traffic may continue to access southbound I-5 from the Carmenita Rd. or Artesia Blvd. on ramps.

There will be no through-traffic on S Firestone Blvd. between Marquardt Ave. and Artesia Blvd. However, businesses will remain easily accessible from either Artesia Blvd. or Alondra Blvd. via Marquardt Ave.

We will post proper signage and there will be a temporary cul-de-sac for U-turns.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but this will permit us to substantially expedite this portion of the project and move us closer to completion. Map below:

Workers continue to drive piles below ground to construct footings, erect rebar frames for support columns, and build falsework (temporary bridge support) for the second half of the Valley View Ave. Bridge. 

Photo below shows aerial view facing southeast. Green arrows= where new lanes will be added to I-5. Blue arrows= future Valley View off ramp from southbound I-5 exiting to valley View Ave. Bridge. Orange arrows= future S. Firestone Blvd. ramp connecting to the bridge.

Photos below from May 13:

Video slideshow from May 1 & May 6 below:

Video below from May 6:

Video below from May 1:

Photos below from May 1 & May 6:


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