Valley View Ave. Interchange Project – Week of September 14- September 21, 2018

Construction on this project is 32% complete.

Projected dates:
Completion of first half of Valley View Ave. Bridge: Approximately March of 2019.
Completion of second half of Valley View Ave. Bridge: Approximately December of 2020.
Completion of entire I-5 Valley View Ave. Interchange project: Approximately early 2021.

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The portion of the Valley View Ave. Bridge over I-5 now connects to the pier wall west of S. Firestone Blvd in Santa Fe Springs. 1700 cubic yards of concrete were poured onto the deck of the bridge the night of Monday, Sep. 17 to encase the vertical rebar support walls. Photos below are from September 10, 17 (before pour) & 18 (after pour). (Tap / click on photos for slide show and details):


The final layer of concrete has been poured over the rebar deck surface of the Valley View Ave. Bridge over Arbor Place and west of I-5 in Cerritos. This is the surface over which vehicles will drive. The concrete is covered with tarps and moistened to allow proper curing. Photos below from September 18 (views facing north):


Workers are constructing the rebar frame for the pier walls that will support the new bridge over Coyote Creek, east of I-5 near Trojan Way in La Mirada. The Coyote Creek Bridge will carry the new lanes of I-5 and N. Firestone Blvd. They are also building and assembling lumber forms over the rebar. The next step will be to encase the rebar in concrete. Photos below are from September 18:


Caltrans recycles! Our contractor crushes concrete salvaged from the demolished structures of our project and crushes it into aggregate used for the base layer of freeway pavement and for back-filling retaining walls and structure walls.  Photos below from September 4:


Workers and front loader back-filling a future retaining wall east of I-5  at the Valley View Ave. Bridge (September 17, below):

DISCLAIMER: Due to the dynamic nature of construction, please note that all dates and times are subject to change due to unforeseen operational factors or inclement weather.

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