Valley View Avenue Interchange


Schedule: Construction began in late 2016.
Currently: 92% complete.
*Fall 2022

Cost: $640 Million

Project Overview

In mid-November  of 2016 Caltrans began construction on the Valley View Avenue Interchange Project, which will add a High Occupancy Vehicle and mixed-flow lane in each direction along approximately one and a half miles of I-5 at Valley View Avenue, from the Artesia Boulevard undercrossing to North Fork Coyote Creek. The project extends through the cities of Buena Park, La Mirada, Cerritos, and Santa Fe Springs.

Three bridges were reconstructed: the Valley View Avenue Bridge at I-5, the North Firestone Boulevard Bridge over Coyote Creek, and the I-5 freeway bridge at Coyote Creek. Lanes will be kept open on the Valley View Avenue Bridge during construction. There will also be improvements to the interchange at Valley View Avenue and adjacent frontage roads. The new bridge includes a railroad overpass.

Project improvements include: a new Valley View Ave. Bridge with three lanes in each direction instead of two; the addition of one HOV (high occupancy vehicle or car pool) lane in each direction; one mixed-flow lane in each direction; interchange modifications at Valley View Avenue and Artesia Boulevard; frontage road modifications; and improved on and off ramp connections.

Milestone dates:
First half of Valley View Ave. Bridge opened October 7, 2019.
New Valley View Avenue of ramp from southbound I-5 opened September 19, 2020.
Second lane on southbound side of Valley View Avenue Bridge and sidewalk opened September 18, 2020.
Northbound I-5 HOV lane from Alondra Boulevard to just south of the Florence Avenue Bridge opened February 11, 2022.
Opening of second half of Valley View Ave. Bridge: Revised to *early 2022.
Completion of entire I-5 Valley View Ave. Interchange project: Revised to *mid-2022.

On northbound I-5 there are now four all-purpose traffic lanes plus one HOV lane from Alondra Boulevard  to the Orr & Day Road railroad overhead just south of the Florence Ave. Bridge. Then there are three all purpose lanes, plus two auxiliary lanes connecting to the northbound and southbound I-605. Under the I-605 Bridge, I-5  reverts to four all-purpose lanes, plus a fifth auxiliary lane connecting traffic from I-605 to I-5. Then it reduces again to four all-purpose lanes.

On southbound I-5 there are now five lanes where traffic merges from the I-605 interchange until the Orr & Day railroad overhead. Then it changes to four all-purpose lanes until south of Alondra Boulevard, where it reduces to three lanes approaching the Valley View Avenue interchange project that remains under construction until mid-2022.

When the Valley View Avenue Project is complete in mid-2022:

  • On northbound I-5 there will be an HOV lane from the Orange County line to the Orr & Day railroad overhead just south of the Florence Ave. Bridge.
  • On southbound I-5 there will be an HOV lane from south of the Florence Ave. Bridge to the Orange County line.

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Project Map