I-5 North

  • I-5 55 Hour Pave, Jan 2021

    This short video documents a January 2021 highlight of the I-5 North Corridor HOV improvements – a 55-hour-long, round-the-clock operation January 8-11 to complete final sections of pavement needed to switch Southbound I-5 traffic onto newly constructed pavement between Empire Avenue and Magnolia Boulevard. Crews completed the Southbound I-5 traffic switch before 5 a.m. January […]

  • I-5 Empire Project: Open to Close

    I-5 Empire Project milestones This short video recaps two highlights of the I-5 North Corridor HOV improvements – the construction of the I-5 Empire Avenue interchange which opened to traffic in September 2019, and the demolition of the old I-5 Burbank Boulevard Bridge in April 2020 so crews could move forward with construction of a […]

  • Burbank Bridge Closure: Sat, March 14

    There is a planned closure of the Burbank Blvd bridge over I-5 on Saturday, March 14. The bridge will remain closed until the replacement bridge opens in 14-16 months.

  • Paving Empire Avenue -September 2019

    Crews placed asphalt pavement on the new Empire Avenue at the I-5 undercrossing before the scheduled opening of the intersection at the end of September 2019.

  • Demolition of the San Fernando Structure

    This time-lapse video shows demolition for the I-5 construction between Magnolia Boulevard and Buena Vista Street. Specifically, it depicts demolition of part of the old I-5 bridge at San Fernando Boulevard/Empire Avenue on April 11, 2019. This operation was necessary for construction of the Empire Avenue undercrossing, which is part of the new I-5 Empire […]