Magnolia to Buena Vista

  • Burbank Blvd – August 2021

    Above: A bird’s eye view of the I-5 Burbank Boulevard Bridge on August 12, 2021, after crews placed concrete for the southern half of the bridge deck. The material covering the new concrete (left) is for curing, to ensure durability and strength of the concrete. Soon, concrete will be placed for the other half of […]

  • I-5 55 Hour Pave, Jan 2021

    This short video documents a January 2021 highlight of the I-5 North Corridor HOV improvements – a 55-hour-long, round-the-clock operation January 8-11 to complete final sections of pavement needed to switch Southbound I-5 traffic onto newly constructed pavement between Empire Avenue and Magnolia Boulevard. Crews completed the Southbound I-5 traffic switch before 5 a.m. January […]

  • I-5 Empire Project: Open to Close

    I-5 Empire Project milestones This short video recaps two highlights of the I-5 North Corridor HOV improvements – the construction of the I-5 Empire Avenue interchange which opened to traffic in September 2019, and the demolition of the old I-5 Burbank Boulevard Bridge in April 2020 so crews could move forward with construction of a […]

  • Paving Empire Avenue -September 2019

    Crews placed asphalt pavement on the new Empire Avenue at the I-5 undercrossing before the scheduled opening of the intersection at the end of September 2019.